LM60 Laser Distance Meters


หมวดหมู่ : Meters Laser Distance Meters


Laser rangefinder LM60-I with measuring length up to 60 meters with functions of measuring
length, volume, content, measurement using two reference points and memory for 20 measurements.
The rangefinder supports the functions of addition, subtraction of measured values,
the possibility of continuous measurement, calculation of the size of a third party according
to Pythagorean theorem. The rangefinder supports the function of automatic laser switch-off after
30 seconds and complete switch-off of the device after 3 minutes in case of inactivity.

Product parameters:

One measurement / continuous measurement (max./min.)
Area, volume measurement
Measurement using Pythagorean theorem (direct / indirect)
Add / subtract
Physically leveling device
Button: Distance, +/-, Functional, Log, Clear / Off, Unit, Buzzer
Audible indication
Battery status display
Technical parameters:

Display type: EBTN
Display size: 2.0 inches
Range: 60 m
Min. display unit: 0.001 m
Units of measurement m / ft / in (meters / feet / inches)
Measuring base: front / rear part of the meter housing
Accuracy ± (2 mm + 5 x 10-5 D)
Laser class: 2
Laser type: 630 ~ 670 nm, <1 mW
Data storage: 20 measurement groups
Automatic laser switch-off: after 30 s
Automatic shutdown: 3 minutes without use
Automatic backlight switch-off: 5-6 s without operation
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (LR03)
Product color: red and gray
Product weight: 108.8 g
Product size: 122 x 52 x 29.5 mm
Package contents: battery, case, instructions
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