UT353 Sound Level Meter


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UT353 Sound Level Meter

4-bit LCD display, the maximum display is 9999
Can withstand the impact of landing from 1 meter height
This product uses miniature condenser microphone sensing technology
This microphone adopts metal hole design and internal dual protection
It is widely used in noise detection, home audio and other places 130db

Function Range Resolution Accuracy Description
Sound Level 30-130dB 0.1dB ±1.5dB Rate response: 31.5Hz-8KHz

Sampling Time Fast/Slow 125ms/1000msOverload indication Shows
"UN" and "OL"MAX/MIN Measurement Shows "MAX/MIN"Data Hold/Backlight
Shows "HOLD" and turns backlight on or offAuto Power-off Automatically
power off after 5mins without operationLow battery indication 3.0-3.5V Shows
low battery prompt when power is 3.0-3.5VBattery: 3 * AAA 1.5V batteries(Not included)
Size: 150 * 52 *27mmWeight: 116gPackage:1 * sound meters1 * Blister1 * wind-proof ball

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